Sheffield Lydian Singers

Who we are

We are a choir of 12 singers who live in or near Sheffield, UK, meet to sing and explore the repertoire, and give at least one concert each year.

Our repertoire extends from the Renaissance to the present day, sacred or secular, unaccompanied or with instruments. We often perform new works, including the compositions and arrangements of our former director John Kilpatrick, the late Percy Snowdon, the late John Earwaker, current director George Nicholson and choir member J Robin Hughes.

For the last few years we have given a joint concert in June or early July at St Peter's Church, Hope, in Wakes Week, regularly with the Caccia Wind Quintet.

After starting under John Earwaker in the 1990s, for 13 years or more the choir was directed by John Kilpatrick, and since September 2014 it has been under the leadership of George Nicholson.

There are other groups in the country called Lydian Singers (or Choir)
Please don't confuse us!

Hear us

    The Bluebird  Charles Villiers Stanford
    Epigrams  J Robin Hughes
    If Music be the Food of Love  Henry Purcell
    Lay a Garland  Robert Pearsall
    Sair Fyeld, Hinny  Trad. arr. Percy Snowdon
    Come Live With Me  John Kilpatrick
    I Sing of a Maid  J Robin Hughes
    The Shower  Edward Elgar
    Sweet and Low  Joseph Barnby
    As Torrents in Summer  Edward Elgar
    Music (from My Briefcase)  John Kilpatrick
    City Flora (from Cuttings from a Nonsense Book)  John Kilpatrick
    Three Nonsense Songs  Matyas Seiber
    Lauda Jerusalem (from Vespers of 1610)  Claudio Monteverdi

Upcoming events

Saturday 21st October 2017, 12:30pm, Virgin Money Lounge, Fargate, Sheffield, as part of the Classical Sheffield Weekend of Music.

Some previous events

29th June 2017, 30th June 2016 and 2nd July 2015 at Hope
"Festive Fancies" 21st July 2014 at Buxton Methodist Church - Sheffield Lydian Ensemble
3rd July 2014 and 27th June 2013 at Hope
"Humour in Harmony" 21st July 2012 at Buxton Methodist Church - Sheffield Lydian Ensemble
28th June 2012 and 30th June 2011 at Hope
Monteverdi Vespers and Mass of 1610
Mass (Missa in illo tempore): 21st November 2010 at St Matthew's, Carver St, Sheffield (11.00am Mass)
Vespers: 25th September 2010 at Ecclesall Parish Church, Sheffield
Vespers: 24th July 2010 at St John's Church, Buxton
1st July 2010 and 2nd July 2009 at Hope
17th May 2009 at Peckleton
9th May 2008, 3rd July 2008, 15th March 2007, 28th June 2007, 4th May 2006 and 29th June 2006

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