Sheffield Lydian Ensemble at Buxton Festival Fringe

CONCERT - 26th JULY 2014 in Buxton
(Please see PDF of printed programme for full details)

    Festival Gloria - Anthony Sainstman

Reflections on Blue
    The Blue Bird - Charles Villiers Stanford 
    Blue Moon - Richard Rodgers (arr.) 
    Basin Street Blues - Spencer Williams (arr.) 

Reflections on the Human Condition
    If music be the food of love - Henry Purcell (arr.)
    Folksong: Sair fyeld, hinny - arr. Percy Snowdon
    Anthem: Remember now thy Creator - Charles Stegall
    Madrigal: Lay a garland - Robert Pearsall
    Epigrams - J Robin Hughes

The Story of the Jumblies - John Kilpatrick
    Narrative part 1
    The Owl and the Pussy Cat (Stravinsky)     Narrative part 2
    How pleasant to know Mr Lear
    Narrative part 3
    The Jumblies
    Narrative part 4
    The Dong with the luminous nose

    To say Goodbye - John Kilpatrick