CONCERT - Thursday 28th JUNE 2012 
(The Eve of St Peter: in Hope Wakes Week)
8.00pm at St Peter's Church, Hope, North Derbyshire

Sheffield Lydian Singers & Caccia Wind Quintet

Choir & Wind Quintet
Fanfare for St Peter's Day - John Kilpatrick
  (words: Tu es Petrus)

Tu es Petrus - Palestrina
Ave Maris Stella - Grieg

Songs from the Threepenny Opera - Kurt Weill
    Overture - Salomon Song - Ballad of Gracious Living - Song of the Insufficiency of Human Endeavor - Ballad of Mack the Knife
Tico-Tico no Fubá - Zequinha de Abreu

New Compositions
The White Rose - J Robin Hughes
Solo & Piano: Ozymandias - John Kilpatrick
  (Jane Ginsborg & George Nicholson)   "A message to all dictators"

Selection from Songs of Springtime - Moeran
 1. Under the Greenwood Tree
 2. The River God's Song
 6. Good Wine

INTERVAL with refreshments included
(Choir, during the interval: Abendlied - Rheinberger)

Three Spiritual Nocturnes - Peter Klatzow
  (words from "An African Prayer Book" compiled by Desmond Tutu)
 1. Night Silence
 2. The Sun Has Disappeared
 3. An Evening Prayer

Wind Quintet
Dance Suite - Norman Hallam
    Waltz - Bossa Nova - Quickstep - Charleston

Solo & Piano (Peter Taylor & George Nicholson)
Three Flanders & Swann songs
    The Gnu - The Armadillo - The Hippopotamus

Italian Salad - Richard Genée

Choir & Wind
Grace for St Peter's Day - John Kilpatrick
  (words: Crescite Vero in Gratia)