CONCERT - Thursday 27th JUNE 2013
8.00pm at St Peter's Church, Hope, North Derbyshire

Sheffield Lydian Singers & Caccia Wind Quintet


Choir & Wind Quintet
The Ash Grove (arranged from the version in the News Chronicle Song Book)

Choir - folk-song arrangements
The Oak and the Ash - John Earwaker
The Cuckoo - J Robin Hughes
Dance to your Daddy - Percy Snowdon
Bonny at Morn - Percy Snowdon

Wind Quintet
A Further Three British Folksongs - Ian Harrold
    1.    Men of Harlech
    2.    The Moreen (The Minstrel Boy)
    3.    The Hemp-dresser (The Deil’s awa’ wi’ the Exciseman)

O Wild West Wind! - Edward Elgar

Choir & Wind
Hymn to St Peter - Benjamin Britten

INTERVAL with refreshments included
Choir, during the interval: Dostoino Yest (Hymn to the Virgin) - Tchaikovsky

A Hymn to the Virgin - Benjamin Britten

Choir - folk-song arrangements
The Dark-Eyed Sailor - Ralph Vaughan Williams
I Love My Love - Gustav Holst
The Lover's Ghost - Ralph Vaughan Williams

Wind Quintet
Dolly Suite - Gabriel Faure
    1.    Berceuse
    2.    Mi-a-ou
    3.    Le Pas Espagnol
Jazz Suite No.2 Waltz 2 - Shostkovitch

Three Nonsense Songs - Matyas Seiber
(on Edward Lear nonsense quatrains)

Choir - arrangements from the News Chronicle Song Book
Londonderry Air ("In Derry Vale")
Deep River

Choir & Wind
South African National Anthem*
Recessional - Percy Grainger 

* a late addition to the programme, at a time of reports of Mandela's critical health position.